Photo of Thomas Ku

Thomas Ku - President

Thomas is currently a senior studying mathematics and economics with a minor in philosophy. Having lived in Taiwan and on the US-Mexico border, he dedicates himself to policy and financial products that affect global economics and international relations. He joined the team in his sophomore year, making eight consecutive elims at the first eight tournaments he attended. Thomas was a quarter-finalist at ADA Nationals and an octo finalist at Novice/JV Nationals with two different partners. A former team treasurer and webmaster portfolio team member, Thomas's experience helped him serve the team as the president in his third year of debating.

Photo of Jasmine McClure

Jasmine McClure - Vice President

Jasmine McClure is a senior at the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU. She is majoring in Politics with a double minor in Journalism and French. She has been involved in debate since high school and has continued her passion throughout college. She has participated actively in the debate community through judging and participating in tournaments, coordinating for the International Public Policy Forum, and coaching high school debate.

Photo of Jessie Tai

Jessie Tai - Treasurer

Jessie Tai is a sophomore studying Neural Science with a dual minor in Math and Computer Science. Competing in policy debate at NYU has offered endless opportunities for her to explore a vast body of literature and argumentation outside of the classroom, and she has found success with her partner Reeya as top speakers breaking at every tournament they have attended. Jessie is excited to serve on the E-Board ensuring that all members of the team are supported in learning and enjoying this activity.

Photo of Anuj Jain

Anuj Jain - PR Officer

Anuj Jain is a sophomore double majoring in Public Policy & Psychology. He started debating in eighth grade in Lincoln Douglas before switching over to Policy as a freshman in College. He reached finals of his first policy tournament (Northeast Regionals) and was in the elims of UCO Joe Jackson in Open.

Photo of Reeya Kansra

Reeya Kansra - PR Officer

Photo of Shreeram Modi

Shreeram Modi - Webmaster

Shreeram Modi is a sophomore from the Bay Area double majoring in Philosophy and Computer Science. He competed on the LD national circuit in high school reading a variety of arguments. After coming to college, he found his stride going mostly for the kritk and clearing at the Texas Open with partner Eugene Toth. Shreeram is still involved in and often judges high school debate, mostly through his brother who took up the LD mantle at his old high school. He loves figuring out ways to optimize technology for his personal use and especially for debate for debate. You can often find him endlessly tweaking his configs; you can also find him here.

Photo of Elena Li

Elena Li - Secretary

Elena Li is a sophomore majoring in Economics and minoring in Philosophy on the pre-law track. This is her second year on the team. Last year, she started as a novice, and secured a top ten speaker award and finished as the 2nd place team with her partner Rachel in the Regional Championships at Bing. This year, she finished as the second JV team at BTO with Jaida and with Luigi at the Minnesota invitation. She really enjoyed her internship at New Jersey Court last summer, and she is looking forward to intern at Nassau DA office for the upcoming summer break.

Callum Theiding - Data Governance Officer